Just Thinkin’ About…The Lives That Are 

Being Changed Around The World! 



On Tuesday, April 30 the FUMC Foundation, per the directions of the Graham Estate, (which directs the Foundation to annually disperse interest income from their original gift in support of United Methodist Missionaries and their work), voted to grant $10,000.00 to each of the following missions.  

 The Mama Lynn Center for Women, named after Lynn McAlily, wife of Nashville Area United Methodist Bishop William T. McAlily, and located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa, provides aid to women and girls who are ostracized from society due to having been brutally raped and/or tortured, by warring armies or militia.

 Sexual violence against women and young girls has been used as a weapon of war in Democratic Republic of the Congo increasingly since the 1990s. The mechanisms for prosecution are extremely lacking in the country, with most rapists going unpunished. Survivors often do not turn to the police for fear of additional harm coming to them and their families, nor do they rarely testify in court. It’s been estimated that 48 women are raped every hour, and more than 1,100 per day. The age of victims range from very small children to elderly adults.  Often turned away from their families and friends, these women and young girls lose employment, and are abandoned to live on the streets or to wander from village to village in search of help and hope. The “Mama Lynn” center provides hope to women and young girls who have borne the ravages of war. Upon being notified of this gift, Bishop Unda Yemba Gabriel of the East Congo Episcopal Area communicated the following:   “That is indeed very good news. I am struck by your commitment and dedication to the cause of Mama Lynn Center. There is nothing to say but THANK YOU VERY MUCH to you to Pastor Doug Norfleet, and the people of his congregation. The gift will enable women to stand on their own feet and help their families and communities. Thank you also for providing salaries for our missionary/teachers for six months. This solves a real problem. I hope you will continue to advocate for this Center.” 

-Bishop Unda Yemba Gabriel East Congo Episcopal Area